My Role: Creator / Project Manager / Mix Engineer / Producer

Salty has been my biggest professional undertaking to date. For the first time my own idea is going to turn into content on a large scale. I am acting as the Creator and Project Manager, collaborating with the great team at Five Ohm on the concept, branding, music, casting, case studies, website design and social media. I am also acting as the lead engineer, editor and co-designer. I will collaborate on the theme music as well as create music beds to design a fully immersed auditory experience. The Case Study content below lays the ground work for what is to come and what to look forward to.

My Role: Producer & Recording/Mix Editor

Producing Get Stuffed with Lisa Lampanelli was an absolute blast. I was asked to produce this show by Feral Audio. I sourced musicians for the theme music. We had two styles to work with -- "80's Hair Metal" and "Vogue Pop." A music partner of mine recorded the instrumental and male vocals while I handled recording the female vocals and built the mix for each version. We also built sound banks for the show.


I recorded the show at Lisa's apartment using a Zoom H6 and two microphones that were hand-built by a close friend based off of a Neumann U87. We took call-ins every week which we did by setting up a Google phone number. I began to work with another engineer remotely. I would schedule the recording sessions while he would upload them using the file structure I created, and then I would take over and edit. This project was truly so much fun, Lisa even found it in her heart to roast me at the end of each episode.

My Role: Live Sound, Recording Mix Engineer & Consultant

Beecher's Fault is a favorite collaborator of mine. I've acted as their Live Sound Engineer on a handful of shows and have made it a point to record as many as possible. The samples here are from different venues. The songs Liars and Life In This Light are each from a mini brewery tour through Maryland. Liars was recorded inside of a bar that had a bit of rustling background. Life In This Light was outside which proved to be a little more difficult -- wind, low tones sweeping in and out, etc. The reason I enjoy working with them as their Live Sound/Live Recording Engineer is due to how up front the vocals are in the mix. The lyrics are precise and upfront. The challenge of getting a good live recording requires time, patience and being comfortable with experimenting.

I’ve worked in New York with Anthony Luciani and Five Ohm on several projects — all with different kinds of economic and resource levels. He is a certain kind of blessed spirit in the pressured realm of theatre work...a calm and calming presence — whose knowledge is solid but not distant.

If Anthony understands something he can usually help laypeople understand it. If he doesn’t understand something, he has an honest way of laying that out and starting the process of investigation.

Project creators are lucky to work with him wherever he may be.

-- Bill Irwin, Actor/Writer, Signature Theatre Playwright in Residence 2003/2004

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